CCE means reliability, performance and allround service

Development of PV plants

  • Feasibility studies
  • Technical and economical planning
  • Permits, authorizations and land/site contracts
  • Securing feed-in-tariffs or power purchase agreements

Realization of PV plants

  • Detailed planning and project management
  • Purchase and delivery of components
  • Installation of PV systems
  • Grid connection and commissioning

Operational management of PV plants

  • Ongoing monitoring and reporting
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Commercial management of operating companies
  • Finance, controlling, contract & insurance management

Financing of PV plants

  • Financing of project development, implementation and aggregation
  • Debt and equity investments for institutional investors
  • Contracting and lease models for commercial and private customers

Development & structuring of capital assets

  • Market analysis & creation of investment solutions
  • Detailed project due diligences
  • Development of financing concepts & vehicles
  • Financial, legal & tax structuring incl. contract design